How to choose the right Digital Marketing Agency for your Business in 2020

How to choose the right Digital Marketing Agency for your Business in 2020.jpg

How to choose the right Digital Marketing Agency for your Business in 2020

““A customer is the most important visitor on our business premises. We are dependent on them and not the other way around.””

“A customer is the most important visitor on our business premises. We are dependent on them and not the other way around.”

Gone are the days when you just had to focus on delivering robust and efficient products and services to customers. In today’s competitive world, you have to denote equal importance and focus on marketing your products in the eyes of the public. You have to get your product out amidst the audience and make sure that you do it in a way that pleases them. You can either hire a Digital Marketing Company or trust your in-house marketing for advertising purposes. An estimate suggests that by the end of 2021, 75% of companies will depend on Digital Marketing rather than traditional sources of marketing. Most companies go for a Digital Partner due to the continuously changing trends that make it difficult for companies to stay on the same page amongst their busy schedules. 

What Marketing Agencies do?

Internet marketing companies can help boost your brand image, improve your product sales by applying suitable Marketing strategies for your business. They will ask your needs and requirements and produce effective strategies to attract only the targeted audience to your website. This reduces a bounce over rate for your business. Here are some of the services offered by a good Digital Marketing Agency:

•    SEO 

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important factor that determines the success and reach of your organization. An estimate suggests that 51% of your total visitors arrive through organic content. If you push forward content that is unique, well-optimized, and informative, you will be able to capture a targeted audience base who has much more chance of showing interest in your services. Moreover, SEO will provide you with organic traffic that doesn’t involve spending your hard-earned money for goggle Ads, and other paid campaigns. Every Digital Marketing Agency offers SEO services

•    Social Media Marketing

 With a high level of influence on social media platforms, companies can create a good brand image and increase their customer base. Popular social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the most influential social media websites where businesses can get a higher return on Investment. It is another important service offered by every Digital Marketing company.

•    Mobile Marketing

 Research suggests that around 90% of business leads and customers arrive through mobiles. With more than 5.15 billion users, mobile using audiences are one of the best targets of all Internet Marketing firms. There are wide varieties of options for promotions through mobiles such as You-tube ads, in-app advertisements, and advertisements on the website.

•    Content Marketing

 Content Marketing is one of the upcoming favorite ways for business promotions. Nowadays, “Content is the King” and the better your website content is, the more will be your audience reach. Having great content on your website means a higher amount of time spent by visitors on your website. According to an estimate, a user spends 37 seconds reading a unique and captivating blog post. While they are on your website, they might encounter something they like and convert into a customer. Another stat suggests that demand for Info-graphics has increased by over 800% since 2019. Thus, you need to find a company offering you excellent content for your website. An efficient Marketing company will offer content marketing services in the form of blogs, website content, product descriptions, unique taglines, and many more things.

There are plenty of Digital Marketing Agencies in India, and choosing one amongst them can be quite a tedious task, especially if this is your first time hiring a Marketing company. Follow the below-mentioned steps to stumble upon the Right Marketing Agency for your business.

 Perform Background Research; one of the best ways to come around a suitable Digital Marketing Agency is by performing a background check for a particular company. A good Marketing The company will have an internet presence and several reviews. Sift through their portfolio and see their previous works and reviews given by customers. 
For Example, If you want to hire a marketing company for social media marketing, check how they handle their social media. This way you could analyze their capabilities. After performing a background check, if you find them to be a reliable firm, and think that the company can handle your project, you can go ahead and hire them. 
By the way, we, at Uniworld Studios, are one of the fastest-growing Digital Marketing Agencies in Delhi offers services globally. 
• Ask the right Questions - 
 Have an insightful conversation with the Digital Marketing Company you plan to hire and ask them the right questions. Analyze the company based on how well they answer your questions. If you find yourself in a confused position, here are the right questions you need to ask :
1.  Who will be the team members working on the project?
You would be requiring an efficient marketing team who will work in close contact with your employees for the best results. 
2.  What strategies are you thinking of implementing for boosting our leads and customers?
In short, what services would they be offering and what strategies would they be using for project completion.
3. Do you have previous experience in handling such a project?
Previous Experience is necessary so that you hire a Digital Marketing company who has the capability of handling the size of the project that will come their way.
4. How long do your client relations last?
In short, it’s a good thing if the company keeps its client for a longer period.
5.  What results can you promise?
Ask them whether they can guarantee you success in a competitive market.

We will provide you an answer to all of your impending questions to develop trust and reliability in your minds. As per an estimate, a loyal customer is 9 times more likely to utilize your products and services than a wary customer. 
Determine your Marketing requirements
“Know beforehand what you want and what the company offers. Focus on whether those two meet or not.”
This is probably the first step in hiring a suitable Digital partner for your business. Many companies avoid determining their Marketing needs and end up making the Digital Marketing Company confused. This leads to inefficient Marketing of your business and you might no gain enough from the money you spent on your Digital needs. Thus, determine first-hand your requirements from the Marketing Company.  
For example, You might want to boost your reach by implementing effective SEO and Content Marketing services. Just to make it easy on you, we at Uniworld Studios provide a mix of Digital Marketing Services such as SEO, SMO, Content Marketing, email marketing, etc. 
Choose a team of efficient marketers
 Avoid choosing a team of nerds and inefficient marketers for fulfilling your Marketing needs. Choose a team of competitive, innovative, team members possessing excellent communication skills who will work in close contact with your employees in planning and making an effective marketing strategy for your business. You need to find a Marketing company that can provide you exactly what you wish for. 
Ask delivery time
 You would not want your Digital Marketing project to take months to fulfill. Ask beforehand the delivery time for your project, and determine whether the company is offering industry-standard delivery time or not. Hire a marketing company that can provide robust marketing solutions with a quick delivery time. 
Give them a sample task
 How do you determine someone’s capabilities and efficiency? Give them a sample task and see if they perform according to your needs and requirements. In today’s competitive environment, companies would agree to provide you a sample service such as running a business campaign. If it turns out to be effective, you have got your Digital Partners.

 Finding a suitable Marketing Agency is like discovering a suitable fish amongst a sea of thousands of similar fishes. With the above points in mind, you will have the basis of determining a suitable Marketing company. To select from a variety of options, check out our Digital Marketing Services. We offer a complete package with a guarantee of robust solutions. 
“They say a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all times. Provide them what they want and they will reward you wondrously”
At, we are here to help & assist you to succeed amongst all of this uncertainty & outshine sort of a true winner. Our team can assess your business, all of your current marketing efforts & strategies. If you want to add any valuable opinions and suggestions, do let us know via e-mail.

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