How to score an almost 100 percent on Google PageSpeed Insights


How to score an almost 100 percent on Google PageSpeed Insights

“How to score an almost 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights”

“If Amazon was a second slower, it would have lost $1.6 billion in sales.”

 Does your website take ample time to load on your PC or mobile? If yes, then you have landed in the right place.

Slow loading pages have a deep impact on conversion rates. They can leave a bad impression of your business in the minds of the viewers as well as on Google. In this blog, we will help & guide you on the journey to scoring close to 100% score on google page speed insights.

What is Google Page Speed Insights?

Google Page Speed Insights is a tool that works on improving website performance. 

How is Page speed important?

Page speed assists web pages to load faster and perform better, giving your viewers a superior on-page experience. 

Did you know? According to research, it takes just 50 milliseconds for a viewer to judge a website, and the first thing a person judge is its loading speed. 

Here are a few factors that justify the importance of loading speed:

1. Better User Experience and conversion- Good speed is generally what creates a good first impression on viewers. Having a slow website can have a drastic effect on your bounce rate.

2. SEO- The google algorithm prefers websites with a lesser loading time as they have a higher chance of satisfying the audience. Good Page speed combined with the right target keywords will help improve search engine optimization of your website for higher rankings on google as well as other search engines.

3. PPC and site speed- For paid promotions across search engines, a relevant quality score is necessary/relevant. A slow website usually brings down the quality score. 

What is a quality score? It is a metric generally used by google or yahoo to determine the actual position of an ad on the search engine. If you have a low-quality score, it will not show up your ad anywhere, but with a great score, you will see a higher ad position and lower cost per click.

Want to boost your site speed? Take help from the best web development company to boost your site’s loading speed. 

How to score 100% on Google Page Speed Insights?

Scoring a perfect 100/100 on PageSpeed Insights is quite a difficult task. However, one can achieve it by undertaking these steps:

1. Don't use large images- The major reason for having a slow loading page is the use of heavy media items such as large images, videos, etc. Using larger images can heavily affect the loading speed of your page. To counter this, use a compressed image.

A compressed image reduces the image size without affecting its clarity or visual appeal.

Did you know? An experiment recently conducted found, that the page speed score before compression was 75/100 and after compression became 87/100.

2. Content must load faster- When the user accesses or lands up on your page, you need to make sure that the HTML loads the content of your web page before presenting other things. Optimize your website to ensure that your text content loads faster than the visual content.

3. Browser Cache- Cache refers to the little details and information that a website stores when you visit its page for the first time. Each time a visitor opens your website, the browser takes some time to load. However, installing the cache function in your website will assist the browser store the website details and load it easily when someone revisits it.

Cache works by remembering your information and reduce the loading time of the website easily.

4. Minify the HTML- Minifying refers to minimizing the space that the HTML coding generally takes up. It deals with shortening the code, formatting, and fixing the duplicated data which helps in boosting your overall score.

Tip- Try using HTML minify to do this task!

If you find this too technical to do, or if you want to upgrade your website, you can hire a Web design agency that will do the work for you!

5. Accelerated Mobile Page(AMP)-This allows mobile users to load the page at a faster speed by eliminating unnecessary formatting for a great mobile user experience. When you google search using your mobile phone, you might see icons like 'AMP' popping up on your search. This helps to boost your mobile page speed. 

6. Render blocking Javascript- To do this make your Javascript and CSS code aligned instead of using the .css and .js files. If you want to skip messing with the technical aspects of a website, you can consult one of the top web design companies, Uniworld to revamp your website and help you score better on Google PageSpeed Insights

7. Server Response Time- The minimum time for the server response is 0.2 seconds. Anything above that, Google will mark you down. Most         of the websites make sure that they run a high spec dedicated server with a handful of accounts.

Tip: Reports and online surveys show that there is a 50% increase in response time when you switch to PHP7. To check your version of PHP, install the plugin and you will see the "At a Glance" function on your admin dashboard.

8. Avoid too many plugins- You need to avoid using too many plugins as they can slow down your website. Don’t stuff too many plugins. Insert only those that are of extreme importance. 

If you want to boost website speed, you can take assistance from Uniworld studios. Uniworld is an online marketing agency that will work on converting your website ideas to reality. We can build you a website from scratch as well as use different development platforms. Uniworld works on all aspects of website development and performs rigorous tests for improving page load times, Search Engine optimization, and content creation before submitting the final work. 

Having said this, we hope that you got to know the importance of a good loading speed of a webpage. If you want your website to leave a great impression on the viewers as well as on Google, don’t keep this task at the back of your to-do list. Do it today!

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