List of Digital Marketing trends that can revitalize your Brand


List of Digital Marketing trends that can revitalize your Brand

“List of Digital Marketing trends that can revitalize your Brand”

“The best Marketing is one which doesn’t feel like Marketing” Tom Fishburne

We are all addicted to the internet from day to night? Whenever you are on Google or any website, you must have seen some pop-up ads that keep on coming up from time to time. It is all because of digital marketing campaigns/ads. If you are looking for some valuable information about digital marketing and its trend, then you are definitely in the right place. Did you know? According to a recent survey, the growth of the digital marketing industry is at 33.5% in India. And why wouldn’t it grow? Businesses are continuously looking for ways to grow their business online and making Digital Marketing their top priority to remain competitive in today’s landscape. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the latest digital marketing trends that you just can’t ignore for the success of your business in 2020. 

What is Digital Marketing? 

First, let’s discuss a bit about Digital marketing. Digital Marketing is also known as internet marketing and is the method or the technique through which the products/ brands or services promote themselves online. Roughly 220 million users access digital services through his/ her Smartphone. 

Some of the major factors influencing digital marketing are:

• Sudden move from manual to an automated environment. 

•Popularity of AI over the years 

•Smartphones have become a necessity for everyone living in this century and it's difficult to imagine our lives without it as it provides easy connectivity and accessibility and makes it easier to communicate socially. 

Here are some useful digital marketing ideas that will be helpful for the growth of your business in 2020: 
1. AI
Ever heard of AI? It stands for Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence refers to a machine programmed in such a way that it thinks like a human and imitates its actions. This Artificial intelligence machine usually remembers human behavioral patterns and learns accordingly. For instance- AI is used for face detection & Recognition on smartphones by identifying the face features. These machines are taught to identify facial coordinates( x,y, z, and h). An example of AI is the self-driving feature in various cars. 
You might be wondering what importance AI has for Digital marketing: AI is used across different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google, and is one of the most successful areas to have adopted this feature. With this AI technology, it has become easier for marketers to identify, analyze, predict the market trends, and figure out the target market audience. 

2. Video Marketing
Short, precise, and entertainment videos for the consumers are created to promote or campaign about a product/service. Video marketing is beneficial as it is easily accessible for consumers through Youtube, Social Media, and Broadcast television. Video marketing also focuses to appeal to the emotional center of a person’s brain by adding a different set of music. A recent study shows that 57% of online consumers generally buy a product after watching the video demonstration of the product. Video marketing can be a great option for marketing purposes in 2020. 
3. Influencer Marketing
 Ever been a fan of a movie star? A sportsman? Or a political leader?  Did you get influenced by watching them on screen and buying the products? Yes, we all did at a point in time. 
Influencer marketing deals with the type of marketing which focuses on the popular leaders that drive/create or grow their brand's message. It is one of the best ways brands can promote themselves and get their businesses out in the audience’s eyes. If you want an effective source of marketing for your business and are ready to pay for it, Influencer Marketing is the way to go. 

4. Social Messaging Applications
So, what are these?  We all use messaging apps in our daily lives. Social messaging applications try to engage the people or customers through Public chats & also by using these messaging apps to conduct different types of Contests, Promotions, and Gimmicks. They also create emoticons and stickers on these apps that help keep your brand's identity/brand name in the mind of the customers and make graphics fun and interesting for the people.

5. Chatbots
Ever heard this word?  A survey taken amongst 1,600 marketing professionals shows that 61% of machine learning and AI will become the most important techniques of promotion in the coming years.
A chatbot is a type of artificial intelligence program that interacts with the audience using calculated text-based answers. 
It is helpful if you are looking for something, the pop-up message appears like ‘how may I help you?’ Or ‘what are you looking at?’  They are great at answering small queries and can give your customers an engaging and informative experience while visiting your website. 

6. Programmatic advertising
So, what is programmatic advertising? It refers to the automated buying and selling of online advertising. It is beneficial for your company’s advertising as it enables you to purchase ad impression rights on different websites and applications through a sophisticated environment. It is a great way to get your business in the eyes of an audience who visit websites similar to yours. 

7. Conversational Marketing: 
Stats say that 82% of consumers think of getting immediate responses to their questions or queries online. More than 15.36% of companies use Chatbots to satisfy their customers’ queries quickly and efficiently. Moreover, it acts as your company executive 24/7 without any breaks. Conversational marketing is the kind of marketing in which the consumers and marketers can communicate or interact. It's generally a feedback-oriented approach to developing customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, boost the sales of the company, gain more customers, etc. 

8. Interactive content:
The basic benefit of Interactive content is the more interactive the content, the more leads, and more the customer generation. High quality and impactful content are what makes the audience interested. An estimate suggests that the content marketing industry will rise upto $400 Billion by the year 2021. Creating regular interactive content for your audience is quite a challenging task. However, you can take inspiration/ great content writing ideas from your competitors and do what they are doing, but in a much more sophisticated way. For instance: using live streaming on social media like Facebook, youtube, Instagram, etc to highlight the product and to reach the audience by answering their concerns or queries.

9. Content marketing: 
“Traditional Marketing talks to people. Content Marketing talks with them.”
Content Marketing is a type of marketing technique that promotes the products or the service by creating content that is beneficial and useful for the public along with different marketing strategies. In simple terms, it is a type of marketing where you indirectly promote your products through relevant, eye-catchy content, that will develop an interest for your products in the minds of the viewers. A good Content Marketing Plan is required if you wish to deliver audiences inspiring content. You can take the help of a Content Marketing Agency for efficient Content Marketing Services for your business. 

10. Email marketing: 
There’s a saying, “If you think Email Marketing is not that effective, you are doing it wrong.” Email Marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing even today. Email marketing is done by sending bulks of emails promoting a specific company or a brand. It is a cost-effective, engaging, profitable, and easy source of marketing your brand to your already interested consumers. 

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The above were some latest Digital Marketing trends that can be efficient for your business. Follow them to engage your customers, enrich them with the latest content, answer their queries, and be of utmost utility to all their demands. You need to innovate such marketing strategies to remain relevant in today’s succeeding environment. Remember that, “Every person holding a Smartphone, using a computer, or a tablet is on your marketing team. Empower them to share visual content about your brand. If you liked the information in this blog, share it with others. 

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