A checklist for writing SEO Friendly Blogs


If You're Going to Post Content on Your Site Anyway, You Might as Well Take the Time to Make Sure Google Takes Notice of Your Effort.

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Blogs are written for the infotainment of the readers. But did you know that simply writing a blog is not enough. You need to make it SEO friendly so that it gets optimized for Search too. That's why a content writer must have great writing as well as SEO skills to create content that can rank on the first page of any search engine.SEO is a skill, to enrapture both the users and search engines. Many might find it cumbersome, but the key is to choose interesting and smart topics that shall engage the readers.

A highly improvised blog with incredible and quality content has more odds of positioning higher on the results page. Meanwhile, an all-around streamlined blog with vague content has restricted odds of accomplishing high rankings on the results page.

What we are trying to put out is, if you need to improve your rankings, you have to improveyour blog-composing abilities, as well.

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Social Media and SEO form the best places to get traffic for your blog

SEO has been around since the mid-90s. In any case, as the familiar proverb goes, the best ideal opportunity to begin may have been yesterday, yet the second-best ideal opportunity to begin is today. 

 One of the best SEO Companies 2020 brings to you some of the robust tips on how SEO works. 

Just a general suggestion: Before you start your writing, you must do PROPER research and gather your keywords!

Keywords add the soul to your blogs and are the first step to writing any content that ranks higher in the search engine. To discover keywords that fit these standards, you can also use Alexa's Keyword Difficulty Tool. The keyword discovery tool helps in:

A report of top watchwords identified with your point or topic. 

Every watchword's unique score, which shows how much of the time clients are looking for the term. 

Every watchword's opposition score, which shows that it is so difficult to rank for the term. It additionally considers the authority of your site, so you can check whether you can go after the term.

The best Online Marketing Company, Uniworld Studios brings you “THE CHECKLIST” to help you write SEO Friendly blogs:

1. Think before you play by the rules

Before you start, consider the message that your blog will convey. What would you like to tell your readers and users or which dimension of the SEO will you deliver? What's the reason for your article?

Record the responses to these inquiries before you start and consider the pursuit goal somebody may have. A simple method to get an understanding of this is by taking a peek at the list items for the inquiry term you need to rank with.

2. Structure out your content

You need to have step by step, structured content for your post. These are the 3 main important things for your blog:

An introduction, to introduce your topic to your readers, and flow explaining the gist of the blog

A body, well expanded and written in detail, with easy steps to facilitate better understanding.

A conclusion, where you summarize the entire blog, drawing the idea in a few sentences

3. Filter your content in different paragraphs and headings

Don't have a continuous flow of content. This gets boring for your readers to read

Hence, devise out paragraphs under various headings, use bullets and points to list down items that have to be done so. 

Additionally, make an effort not to make them lengthy, as each section ought to have its thought or subject. Ask yourself what the primary thought or idea from each section is. 

Have the option, to sum up, the primary thought in one sentence. If that is unrealistic and you need more sentences to clarify the fundamental thought, you just need to utilize more passages.

Appropriate headings help to comprehend what the issue is. If you need individuals to discover their way through your articles, use subheadings to lead them, assist them with checking your page, and explain the structure of your articles. They're significant for adding meaning to SEO too.

4. Use Transition words

Transition words assist individuals with looking over your content and comprehend the connection between sentences and sections. 

For instance, suppose that there are three explanations behind individuals to purchase your item. You should utilize transition words like:first of all secondly and 'finally'

Likewise, words like however similarly and example give a reasonable sign to your readers.

Users will immediately get that an end will trail words like 'to sum up' or 'in short'. Change words are accordingly essential to add structure to your content.

5. Keywords

Remember keywords from before? There was a subtle mention of acquiring the “right keywords.

Google is getting smarter and it needs you to compose content that readers will cherish. It doesn't need you to focus on your keyword in each sentence and has different approaches to investigate the issue in those sentences.

The major method by which Google comprehends the subject of your content is by perceiving equivalents and different keywords that are identified with your focus keyphrase. That is the reason you should utilize equivalents and related keywords throughout.