Ford's Fun Tribute to International Women's Day

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International Women's Day: Ford's witty tribute

With International Women's Day just around the corner, almost all brands are looking for one way or the other to grab eyeballs for their specific brand either via ad campaigns or through discounts, offers or even giveaways.

However, according to us, no brand can top Ford's last year's ad campaign!

Picture this:

What if there was a car with no heaters, windshield wipers, turn signals, brake lights, or even GPS?

You'd call us crazy, right?

But wait till you see that Ford actually launched an advertisement for a car without these features in 2023.

We are talking about Ford's Explorer 'MEN'S ONLY EDITION' advertisement for International Women's Day.

What did Ford do?

Last year's International Women's Day, Ford came up with a unique way to celebrate the role of women in car design. The company released an advertisement that showcased a new car called the Ford Explorer Men's Only Edition.

This ad caught the attention of many and sparked a conversation about the importance of recognizing and celebrating women's contributions in this field.

The advertisement itself was a humorous take on the concept of a car designed exclusively for men. It introduced 'The Ford Explorer Men's Only Edition', a car that lacked several key features typically developed for women. The ad showcased a car without heaters, windshield wipers, and even GPS.

This playful trends-marketing plan instantly grabbed the attention of viewers and generated buzz on social media.

Ford's Speedy Actions

Furthermore, Ford was quick to clarify that the ad was a tribute to women's role in car design, rather than an actual product for sale. The company made it clear that it was meant as a light-hearted and humorous way to grab eyeballs to the often overlooked contributions that women have made in this field.

The ad resonated with many people, as it highlighted the importance of recognizing and celebrating women's achievements. While some viewers joked about buying the car, most appreciated the creativity behind the campaign. It sparked conversations about the importance of acknowledging and appreciating women's contributions to various industries, including car design.

Overall, Ford's marketing stunt on last year's International Women's Day was a hit.

It successfully drew attention to women's contributions to car design and sparked conversations around gender equality. The advertisement was well-received by viewers, who appreciated the company's sense of humour and commitment to promoting inclusivity.

What Comes Next?

Looking ahead to the International Women's Day campaigns for 2024, which brand could top the creative and inclusive marketing strategy of Ford?

Lastly, as businesses continue to recognize the significance of this day, it will be interesting to see how they leverage their platforms to celebrate and empower women.

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