How to Track Instagram Unfollowers

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How to See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

In the world of social media, Instagram holds a prominent place, serving as a platform for sharing experiences, building communities and connecting with friends, family and followers. However, one common question that arises among users is: How can you see who unfollowed you on Instagram? 

Unveiling this mystery can provide valuable insights into your Instagram follower dynamics and engagement. In this guide, we'll explore various methods and tools to help you track and understand who unfollowed you on Instagram.

Understanding Unfollowers:

Before delving into the methods, it's crucial to understand the concept of unfollowers on Instagram. Unfollowers are users who were previously following your Instagram account but have chosen to stop following you. While Instagram doesn't notify users when someone unfollows them, there are third-party tools and techniques available to uncover this information.

Method 1: Manual Tracking

The most basic method to monitor unfollowers on Instagram is by manually checking your followers list periodically. Here's how you can do it:

1. Open the Instagram app and navigate to your profile.

2. Tap on the "Followers" tab to view your current followers.

3. Scroll through the list and compare it with your previous followers list (you can take screenshots for reference).

4. Identify any discrepancies or changes in the follower count to pinpoint users who may have unfollowed you.

While this method is time-consuming and requires manual effort, it can provide accurate insights into your follower activity.

Method 2: Third-Party Apps:

Several third-party apps and websites offer features to track unfollowers on Instagram. These apps connect to your Instagram account and provide detailed analytics, including information about users who unfollowed you. Some popular options include:

- Followers Insight: This app provides real-time analytics, including unfollower tracking, ghost followers and more.

- Unfollow for Instagram: With this app, you can easily identify users who unfollowed you and manage your follower list efficiently.

- InstaFollow: InstaFollow offers comprehensive analytics to track followers, unfollowers and engagement metrics.

To use these apps, simply download them from the App Store or Google Play Store, link them to your Instagram account and grant necessary permissions. They will then generate reports and notifications regarding your follower activity.

Method 3: Online Tools:

In addition to mobile apps, several online tools and websites offer unfollower tracking services for Instagram. These tools typically require you to log in with your Instagram account and authorize access. Some popular options include:

- IG Analyzer: This online tool provides detailed insights into your Instagram account, including unfollower tracking, engagement metrics and audience demographics.

- Social Blade: Social Blade offers analytics for various social media platforms, including Instagram. You can use it to monitor changes in your follower count and identify unfollowers.

Similar to third-party apps, these online tools offer convenience and advanced analytics to track unfollowers effectively.

Method 4: Instagram Business Tools

If you have an Instagram Business account, you can leverage the built-in analytics features provided by Instagram itself. While Instagram's native analytics primarily focus on metrics such as reach, impressions and engagement, they also offer insights into follower demographics and changes in your follower count over time. Here's how you can access it:

1. Switch to a Business account (if you haven't already) by going to your Instagram settings and selecting "Switch to Professional Account."

2. Once you've switched to a Business account, you can access analytics by tapping on the "Insights" tab on your profile.

While Instagram's native analytics may not offer specific unfollower tracking features, they provide valuable data to understand your audience and follower behaviour.


Tracking unfollowers on Instagram can be beneficial for understanding your audience, evaluating your content strategy and maintaining engagement. Whether you prefer manual methods, third-party apps, online tools, or Instagram's native analytics, there are various options available to uncover this information. However, it's essential to use these tools responsibly and prioritize building authentic connections with your followers. With the right approach, you can gain valuable insights and enhance your Instagram experience.

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