How we re-brand Ourself


A business establishes itself with the major goal of serving people through pure imagination and persistence. This is what we had in mind when we began our journey five years ago. In 2015, we began Uniworld Studios as an Art & Media Production company from a small office in Green Park (New Delhi) with a small team of fuelled professionals. We began with the goal of enriching the world with our imaginative and unconventional solutions. Our foundation was laid by a group of experienced and enthusiast seekers with a zeal to paddle their way towards excellence. 

Our Story
Let's start from the very beginning. Uniworld's journey began in 2015, with a vision to provide truly bespoke, fully integrated & the most efficient branding solutions to our clients. The aim was to help businesses grow through our sheer imagination and unconventional ways. We began as a Film and Media Production company, but slowly expanded ourselves into different horizons. We expanded into different areas of expertise such as Corporate Media, Photography, all domains in Bespoke Marketing, Digital Marketing, Websites, Graphics, ATL, BTL, E-Com Management, vCMO Consulting and many more. We grew together as a team of working professionals having strong interpersonal bonding. We learned a series of valuable lessons and skills as our competition increased. After rigorous efforts, we formed a consolidated film, media productions & marketing solutions provider with its head office at Gurgaon and additional offices at Delhi, Noida, and Singapore. We have specialized ourselves in preparing market-driven strategies for Brand Building that covers everything from innovative conventional media to modern social media technologies.  

What comes next?
Completing five successful years of establishment, we now look towards taking the next lead forward. Uniworld will be re-establishing its brand identity and becoming more inclusive to its clients. We will be expanding and trying ourselves in multiple industries, and setting new milestones for achievement. We aim to achieve new heights and prosperity through our innovative branding solutions. Our target is to become a billion-dollar company with a team of over 1000 dedicated employees. Get ready to witness the unveiling of a brand new logo for our company. 

Expect a more satisfying user-experience, a bundle of changes, and upgrades that will assist in the growth and development of your business. We aim to expand our team to 1000 individuals clad with the spirit of grit, youthful, ambition, and risk-taking. 

The Logo Story
“A company without a suitable Logo is like a company without an identity"

We have been serving clients globally for quite some time. To give our business, a unique, and more professional look, we have created a new logo designed to impact the audiences in a different light. The new logo is simple, scalable, memorable, versatile, and relevant to our practice. We have framed our new logo to give an impressive view across all platforms & devices, be it mobile, tablets, or PC. 

Uniworld Studios took birth in 2015 as a Film Production Company to enrich the world with its creativity and imagination. At Uniworld, we regularly target new milestones for achievement and have the aim to achieve new heights through our work. We wanted to inspire and awe the world with our services and brand representation. Keeping that in mind, we framed our logo for people to understand our business with the brink of an image. Not just that, we wanted them to think of it as the logo of a classy, professional company. We wanted audiences throughout the world to feel impacted with a sense of amazement and relatability through our Logo. There can be three responses to a piece of design: Yes, no, and WOW. We aimed for the WOW factor. Also, we wanted the logo to be versatile and relevant to look good on any kind of printing material. 

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. It is a thing of beauty that can be expressed through colors, creativity, and imagination. We want our audiences across the world to view us for what we are: A professional Media & Marketing Giant. In our new logo, upon closer inspection, you will see an arrow pointing upwards representing characteristics of prosperity and growth. It represents our major goal: Helping businesses prosper and grow through our own unconventional ways. Our logo has a fitting design of shaped like a standing for UNIWORLD STUDIOS, a leading Films, media, and marketing company in India. The new Logo brings forth a mix of the most premium enlightening colors - golden, and midnight blue. The golden color signifies association with elements such as success, luxury, prosperity, prestige, sophistication, value, and elegance. With the use of Midnight Blue, we aimed at giving ourselves a look of elite professionalism, just like a businessman clad in a professional suit. We designed this logo keeping in mind all major designing principles to give it a more appealing look to our audiences. With five years in business, we have crossed a long way and broadened into multiple verticals thanks to our enthusiastic and young team members and customers love & support. In 2020, we are a leading Marketing Giant in Delhi NCR providing our services across the globe with full dedication and hard work. 

Unveiling Event
Come witness the celebration of our journey of five successful years on 1st October 2020. Watch the unraveling of something fantastic, something never seen before. We will be unveiling our new brand identity and taking the next leap forward. You all are invited to be a part of our new journey.