Impact of marketing during lockdown


Impact of marketing during lockdown

“Afraid to invest in marketing for your business during this crucial time of Coronavirus / COVID-19? Here’s what you need to know before deciding”

Over the past few months, Coronavirus  has impacted our lives & work in unprecedented ways. With very little options left businesses have been forced to close their doors, people are being ordered to remain in their homes, and uncertainty surrounding the economy is mounting. In times of such a crisis, the businesss marketing budget is often the first thing to go, but actually, it shouldn’t. At this crucial moment, keeping your customers informed and engaged is more important than ever. The main thing during this time as an opportunity is to increase your brand visibility to your customers. However, brands got to make an idea to seek out new ways to speak during this point. For your assistance, here are a couple of Dos and Don’ts to follow when reassessing your digital marketing plan amid the Coronavirus epidemic.

Here are a few things organizations should consider doing.

DON’T: Eliminate all of your paid advertising during this time.

While reevaluating your digital marketing strategies & ongoing branding, keep in mind that this isn’t the time to eliminate all of your paid advertising. While you may think and get confused about this as a crisis, there are hidden opportunities in this and pausing all of your paid marketing campaigns, will push your brand behind your competitors once things start rolling again. During this time, people are online more than ever before. Businesses are still moving and customers are still looking for your services. Instead of pumping the breaks on everything, look at your most effective campaigns and shift your budget into those.  also, it’s the best time to get creative. Is there a way that your brand can be relevant and helpful through all the uncertainty?

DO: Grow your presence through owned media

If your business has been deeply affected by the COVID-19 epidemic and your ad spending is concerning you, consider refocusing some of your efforts onto your owned media, such as blogs, emails, and organic SEO. Do some keyword research on the top searched terms for your industry and its applications and inject those keywords into the content you produce. Take advantage of the fact that people are at home and online by delivering engaging content through email campaigns. If you don’t already have one, now is a great opportunity to create a robust content marketing plan.

DON’T: Ignore your social media because of the crisis

While nowadays most of our news feeds are inundated with news about COVID-19, that doesn’t mean that you need to stop your social postings. This is the testing time for each marketer when we need to find ways to break through the news cycle with timely and relevant posts in complement with your brand. As our options for social contact dwindle, more people are turning to social media sites to connect with others. This can spell a great opportunity for brands looking to grow their visibility, following & brand recall through these channels.

DO: Must Include digital marketing Strategy in your crisis management plan

COVID-19 is our current new crisis but it surely won’t be the last. Even high profile & big brands were not prepared for the devastating impact this novel disease would have on our businesses. If your business has a crisis communication plan, consider adapting it in line with your digital marketing efforts as well. Determine your company’s potential risks & challenges during this time, what types of messages will need to be paused or reconfigured, and general response strategies. Do a few “fire drills” with your team to see if your plan will hold up when the next crisis strikes. Just be future-ready, Nobody knows what’s about to come!

DON’T: Be afraid to ask for help

Managing an undertaking like this one can be daunting & stressful for any marketing professional but an experienced marketing team can help immensely. Depending on your type of industry, you may likely have a lot to handle right now. Take one task off of your plate by sending your digital marketing  efforts to a dedicated digital marketing team. 

DO: Stay ahead of your competition.

If you pause your search marketing campaigns, and your competition doesn’t, who will be set up for success when this whole thing passes? Which brands will people follow through all of this — those that stay in contact, or those that shut down?

DON’T: Quarantine Your Marketing

As with any crisis, how an organization responds is key. Are you calm and taking action, or panicked and paralyzed?

Two things people should not be doing right now: hoarding toilet paper and hoarding search marketing budget.

Less competition = more market share

During an economic downturn, you’ll find that you will have less competition. In some cases, this means you’ll be able to get deals- like a potential reduction in pay-per-click advertising. If the market continues to decline, many companies will struggle to pay off their debt, which means they could go bankrupt, get bought out, or get bailed out by the government. If you have cash on hand, this could be the best time to buy out other businesses- especially media companies. Because the more traffic you control, the more power you will hold in the future. 

Look at Neil Patel, co-founder of Neil Patel Digital. When he bought the KISSmetrics website for US$500,000, they had over a million unique visitors a month. The moment he merged it into the NeilPatel.com site, he increased his lead count by 19% and recuperated his investment in less than a year. In other words, now is your opportunity to capture market share.

While the coronavirus pandemic presents business risks in some areas, it also offers opportunities in others. As a marketer or entrepreneur, the key is to acknowledge the potential threats while exploring the possibilities.

How a business treats marketing can make or break them. 

The solution in these times is not to cease your brand marketing. For several though, its going to be a worthy idea to reallocate the prevailing marketing budget (like events or billboards) to different digital channels.

We also are at unprecedented times with social distancing. Yet quarantine or self-isolation doesn’t mean we stop from all contact with each other. Technology is allowing people to hold on in many areas of their work and lives. It also presents new opportunities for businesses to interact with their audience and consumers.

While some predict the nice and cozy weather will curb the novel coronavirus transmission, others believe it’s here for the end of the day, of those who believe itll stick around, some think itll become just another seasonal cold.

The question for many remains how to adjust creatively now to survive — while also preparing for a future “normal” in which something like this could happen again.

At uniworldstudios.com, we are here to help & assist you to succeed amongst all of this uncertainty & outshine sort of a true winner. Our team can assess your business, all of your current marketing efforts & strategies, and make a rescue plan which will get you through the storm of Novel Coronavirus.

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