Importance of Landing Pages for Marketing Strategies


NO! The home page is not a landing page! Most people think that a landing page equals a landing page. There’s a significant difference between the home page and the landing page. The purpose of the home page is to give an overview of the company and its services and tell the visitors ‘WHO’ we are. One website has one home page.

On the other hand, the purpose of the landing pages is to convert visitors into customers. They are the pages companies, direct people, to from various channels or sources. There can be multiple landing pages for one website.

A landing page is a standalone website page that is created with the intent to persuade visitors to make a purchase. It’s designed to target a particular audience and a specific range of products/services. Companies usually place an offer, deal, some information or something similar in return for providing some contact details. It allows them to gather crucial information about the people who can become customers in the future.

Why are landing pages a must have?

A landing page is a must have for all sorts of businesses. It creates a strong starting point for potential conversion. Even if you aren’t selling any products or services online, you will still need the contact information of the potential customers to grow your business by targeting the right people.

Why are landing pages a must have?

1. Audience Specific

segmentation of the audience helps digital marketers create marketing campaigns for a particular group of audience. For example, by offering a discount on a range of makeup products, marketers and your digital marketing agency acquire details of the people actually interested in purchasing the products of a particular brand.

2. Platform for Your Offers:

The landing page works as a platform for your offers. These offers may include discounts, resources, referral programs, resources to information, consultation and many more. You may ask visitors to fill out a short form to be eligible to avail offers or to access the resources. A landing page optimizes the website and makes an offer more attractive by targeting one at a time.

3. It Powers Marketing:

Landing pages are a blessing for digital marketers. It helps enhance marketing efforts without deploying additional resources or time. Moreover, creating a landing page is quite affordable and doesn’t require much time. A good web development agency can create well-optimized landing pages for your website.

4. Generate Leads:

Instead of redirecting visitors to the home[ages, something many companies do, you should direct them to your landing pages. It helps gather relevant information to the leads with the potential to convert into sales in the near future. The marketing team could easily categorize the collected data into different segments to send personalized messages or emails directly to the inboxes.

5. Higher ROI (Returns on investment):

Landing pages generate leads and provide marketers details of the potential customers, thus increasing conversion rates. They also improve google ranking, attract more visitors to the website and increase clicks on the links, therefore providing higher ROI.

6. Help Analyze:

Landing pages eliminate distractions and encourage visitors to click on the link provided. Google Analytics enables you to analyze how much time visitors spend on the page and what actions they take. It allows marketers to see what’s working and what isn’t and optimize the pages and the offers as needed.

Components of a Landing Page

1. Headline and Sub-Headline: Headline is the first thing a visitor sees. It had to be catchy and encourage people to click on it.

2. Focused and Free of Distractions: Landing pages are free of distraction as they talk about only one thing and don't contain links that will direct them to other pages.

3. Fewer Clickables: Landing pages don’t have external links or many internal links. It is focused on a single purpose and doesn’t direct visitors away from the page.

4. A Unique Selling Proposition: It has USP defined to assist visitors in making decisions.

5. Benefits Your Offering: Listing the benefits of your offer works with the psych of the visitors and encourages them to go ahead.

6. Visual Content Like Images or Videos: Visual content makes a landing page attractive and makes visitors explore the pages with ease and interest.

7. Social Proof: Social proof of your offers and brand establishes trust.

8. Closing Argument: Second last component of a good landing page is a proper conclusion in the form of a summary with a firm statement guiding the visitors to take action.

9. Call to Action: At the end comes CTA. That is, call to action! It encourages people to take final action.

When is the right time to get a landing page made?

The answer is now! It is a must have component for every website. Every day you spend on deciding whether to get a landing page made or not is a day away from increased sales with minimalistic expenses and efforts.

We have had a look into why one must have a landing page, although one essential point to remember is that getting a landing page doesn’t mean you will start to see a rise in conversions rate immediately. Instead, landing pages help acquire tools for digital marketing and the sales teams to nurture and convert leads into customers.

How to get the best landing pages made for yourself?

Landing pages are all about content and its presentation. Marketing or social media agencies have teams well-versed in creating landing pages and can help you bridge the gap between you and your customers. You could choose Uniworld Studios Gurgaon to get landing pages created. It is a 360-degree digital marketing agency and provides other services such as SEO, website development, marketing and more.

To sum up, landing pages go well with the marketers and prove beneficial for the businesses. It is a straightforward way to generate leads and increase conversions. Additionally, it allows entrepreneurs and marketers to test what is working and what isn’t.

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