Looking for the Best Website Development Agencies in India? We Got you Covered!


Websites have become an integral part of businesses ever since digital marketing took over traditional methods of promotions. For this reason, developing your website to maximise sales and customers is not only recommended but necessary. 

However, learning and integrating programming languages and optimising your website for search engines are not meant to be amateur’s tasks. These require skilled professionals that can help you build a successful website. Web development companies are here to do just that. 

This article lists the best 9 web development agencies in India with their unique features and a selection of their most remarkable clients. Here are our picks:

1.    Page Traffic Inc
2.    Uniworld Studios
3.    Promatics Technologies
4.    Fluper Ltd. 
5.    Iflexion
6.    SAM Web Studio
7.    Ajath Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
8.    Webority Technologies

9 Best Web Development Agencies in India 

The following companies based in India are your best bet of making your website yield optimal results in terms of lead generation. 

    Page Traffic Inc

Predominantly known as an SEO agency for their excellent SEO services, Page Traffic Inc also offer web design and development for e-commerce websites, blogs, etc. to help companies yield greater value from their digital marketing channels and accelerate their growth. 

Notable Services Include: 

    SEO for small businesses, local companies, E-commerce firms, Enterprises
    App Store Optimization: Ensures higher ranking in app store’s search results
    Custom Web Design: Creation of customized, easy maintenance websites with zero recurring costs
    Link Building: Advanced link building campaign with Google Penguin safe links
    Media Buying: Online media planning and buying services for local, national and global campaigns

Notable Clients Include: 


Uniworld Studios

With an aim to deliver the best web and mobile applications that drive today’s businesses, Uniworld Studios are a leading mobile and web development agency based in Gurgaon. Committed to providing a multitude of web development solutions to clients from all over the world, they come under one of the top digital marketing agencies in India.   

Notable Services Include:

    360 Degree Integrated Marketing: Fully integrated, bespoke marketing and branding solutions 
    E-commerce Solutions: Effective and functional e-commerce services to increase sales and profits
    Social Media Marketing: Complete management of Ad campaign runs, including keyword research, ad creation, landing page creation, etc. 

Notable Clients Include: 

    The Modern School, Faridabad
    The Little Bunting
    Delhi Barbeque
    Club Mahindra
    GSS Group

Promatics Technologies

Promatics Technologies boasts a seasoned team of over 150 expert developers as a premier web and mobile apps development company. With matured and optimized engagement and delivery models, they have a customer centric approach for all phases that makes them a renowned branding agency

In addition to general Web and SEO development services, some of their notable services include:

    Cloud Consulting: Identification of cloud requirements and laying out optimal cloud solution 
    User Experience Design: Creation of unique and functional designs to optimize user experience
    CMS Development: Architectural improvement of content and presentation according to custom needs and requirements
    E-commerce Development: User-centric and omni-channel e-commerce solutions 

Notable Clients Include:

    DHL India

    Fluper Ltd.

Specializing in building fluid apps, Fluper Ltd. is an affordable and rapid web and mobile app design and development agency with a 5 million app user engagement. They deliver IT solutions to individuals, startups, SMEs and Enterprises to transform them all into million dollar companies with their specialized consultation and dedicated guidance.

Notable Services Include: 

    High quality mobile app development
    60 Days App Development Challenge
    5% Penalty enforcement in cases of delivery delay
    100+10% Money Back Guarantee
    9 Months Free App Promotion
    Free Maintenance and Support for 2.5 Years

Notable Clients Include: 



Since the past 22 years, Iflexion has been assisting companies across a wide range of industries to optimize their business processes through custom software solutions. 
Their customers range from all parts of the world regardless of the operational domain and organizational specifics. Their team of over 850 professionals, they are well-equipped to address the IT needs of companies of all sizes. 

With full-cycle assistance that covers every aspect of software engineering, some of their notable services Include: 

    Enterprise Software Development
    Enterprise mobility: Provision of device agnostic apps to help enterprises go mobile and augment their operational strength
    Augmented Reality: Expansion of business capabilities through the power of AR, VR, MR and XR
    Computer Vision Software: Empowering solutions with image analysis algorithms
    Big Data Analytics: Business efficiency rethought with data driven solutions
    Artificial Intelligence: Smart software trained to solve sophisticated challenges faced by modern enterprises

Some of their notable clients include: 


    SAM Web Studio

A versatile digital marketing agency, SAM Web Studio is an approachable and high performing web and software development enterprise that is committed to making business and organizational websites that generate profitable results. 

With a specialization in multimedia solutions, SAM Web Studio is also referred to as a graphic designing agency and animation studio

Notable Services Include: 

    3D Animation Services
    Graphics Design
    Branding Solutions
    Logo Design

Notable Clients Include:

    HP World
    Studio EOS

    Ajath Infotech Pvt. Ltd. 

Claiming to “provide that extra edge to (their) clients in the competitive market”, Ajath Infotech functions as a complete business partner that offers digital and technical marketing solutions. By expediting their client’s most important goals and making lasting improvements in their performance, they offer real solutions to business challenges. 

With a focus on employment of innovative technologies for web development, some of the technical tools they use include: 

    AR/VR Apps
    Artificial Intelligence
    Geo Location

Notable Clients Include: 

    Forum IAS

    Webority Technologies

With the employment of a 3-tier process that involves strategy & planning, engineering development, and maintenance & support, the team at Webority Tech excels at business problem-solving and with beautiful, smart and intelligent digital solutions.  

Notable Services Include: 

    Product Engineering
    Technology Consulting
    Cloud Computing
    Back-end and Front-end Engineering

Notable Clients Include:

    Johnson and Johnson
    Candor TechSpace
    Brookfield Properties


These were our picks for the top 9 web development companies in India. Do share this blog if you found it helpful or connect with our expert team of web follow our social media <link> for more branding and marketing solutions.