now is the time to go digital


now is the time to go digital

“Still, using traditional marketing as your branding weapon amidst coronavirus pandemic? Now is the time to go Digital!”

Here are some insights into the branding world and consumer segment. Dive in to check if you are optimally using the potential.

At the time of writing, conferences and any public gatherings are being avoided or  social distancing is being emphasized.
Working from home and self-isolation are the new norms until any further notice. So there’s no or less traffic on the road, within the air, and no walk-ins into businesses.

Companies that invest marketing and advertising budgets into things like signage, billboards or aeroplane magazines will find they’re getting very less visibility than ever before. And organizations that believe events and gatherings to get new business and their revenue may struggle to form up the difference.
It is entirely possible that radio and television advertising spends will go up during this point. It’s also likely that companies will hold on to their cash, including their marketing budgets, to brace for impact.
Some industries will fare worse than others during this crisis. As an example, as this text points out, if a business can’t get a product to plug, they’ll cut marketing.

So now the large question arises, how will your brand reach more people that are your potential customers during this crucial time, it is through digital marketing or traditional marketing?

This is a stimulating one.
There are 3.5 billion searches per day on Google, and consistent with Smart Insights, 62% of the population is on Facebook. Both stats naturally mean that you simply can target a wealth of individuals who would have an interest in buying your product online.

However, the advantage of traditional marketing is that it lends itself to gaining exposure to new audiences. This is often just because they’re driving past an ad (which is currently being paused by the precautions measures due to novel coronavirus), or watching TV at the proper time.
Using digital channels, we narrow down the maximum amount as possible on what we expect our ideal or targeted audience is, this will sometimes remove the likelihood of finding customers outside of the norm.

Although to be completely honest, riding on the luck of somebody seeing a billboard isn’t enough for us. There’s an enormous amount of obtainable exposure within targeted social platforms online, implying higher conversion rates, and fewer budget wasted!

Is targeting more effective in digital marketing vs traditional marketing?

In one word, yes. Allow us to explain.
An advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing is that the large social giant’s like Google and Facebook constantly try improving their algorithms & services for you & your online branding!
Take Facebook for instance. you’ll have the ability to target a person’s interests, demographic data, location, age, gender and far more.
Plus, when you’ve found the sweet spot of individuals that are converting via your ads, Facebook learns from this to make ‘lookalike audiences’. In other words, folks that behave within the same way, are the ones who have the potential of buying your products.

Online marketing to benefit

The major advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing, besides the very fact that it doesn’t require face-to-face interaction, is that it’s measurable and goal-oriented. Marketers can quite easily obtain an honest picture of their spending return on investment  (ROI) & return on ads spend   (ROAS), and of which activities generate the very best number of quality leads and at what expense.
Assuming that for the coming days most of the marketers will have some extra free time, especially those that have to enter home isolation, they’re advised to use it to review their online marketing strategy and redefine their marketing communication.

Higher Level of Customer Engagement

Traditional marketing means don’t allow brands to directly interact with your customers, whereas digital marketing offers a better level of engagement and interaction. Whether it’s through social media comments, likes, shares, reviews, sales or email messages, your audience is instantly connected with you through various digital marketing channels. Your brand also can easily build better and long-lasting relationships with customers by interacting with them via video, surveys or webinars. Your business performs better when it runs in conjunction with the wants of your customers, and digital marketing allows you to do this as you’ll engage with customers and solve their issues & problems without delay.

Measurement is key in marketing.

And the benefits of measuring digital marketing is immeasurable.
So much so that marketing teams often go storming into sales meetings armed with all the leads they were responsible for generating (and converted). Sorry. Touchy subject.
The advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing is that there’s no room for debate.
Using measurement tools such as Google Analytics, you can attribute every sale, lead or meaningful engagement with a potential client to a specific marketing channel. 

Ease of Measuring Results

When you divulge brochures, distribute fliers or advertise in magazines, you don’t skill far your marketing goes to achieve success. You’ll be headed in the wrong direction, but there are no thanks to telling.
Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing allows you to measure results. It allows you to play a clear-sighted marketing game, instead of a blind one.
You have access to plenty of data about your prospects and customers to assist you to understand where you’re going. Right from what percentage people are visiting/leaving your website to what percentage of them are converting. Imagine the extent of tweaking/testing you’ll do with digital marketing, which is absent in traditional marketing.

Less Expensive & More effective 

When it involves pocket money on marketing, your return on investment decides whether your campaign was successful or not. There’s no surprise that digital marketing fetches you a bitter ROI because it’s cheaper than traditional marketing & advertising.
Would you rather invest in a billboard where you pay supported performance or during a costly newspaper advertisement that’s seen by a limited audience? Digital marketing allows you to spend less while gaining more, for several businesses, it’s a no brainer.

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing – what do you have to use?
Honestly? Both.

You can be incredibly successful in running a digital marketing campaign that targets your audience and converts them into customers.
Using the proper social & online channels,  we mentioned above, alongside some experts in digital marketing, you’ll see your business flourish.
Traditional marketing can complement that growth. Exhibitions, flyers, radio ads – they will all achieve success. The difficulty is that it’s nigh on impossible to track them.
But if you’ve got the proper digital campaign firing all of your sales engine’s, then maybe the additional exposure it could offer is worthwhile.
Our experts can understand your pressure. They will be doing all the work for you. All you’ve got to try to do is stay informed and approve the fabric. At Uniworld Studios, we take the fear out of your online advertising and digital marketing which allows you to specialize in other areas of business that require your undivided attention. You merely got to contact us today to start out your digital marketing campaign. It’s that straightforward.

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