Top 10 Blogging Tips for Digital Marketers!

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Blogging is essential for every digital marketer. It’s the best way to keep adding fresh content and regularly give something new to your visitors. Content drives traffic to the website and keeps users engaged irrespective of the industry you cater to. It gives credibility to the brand and establishes trust among prospective customers.

The majority of the customers of both B2B and B2C businesses prefer reading online content and reviews before making a purchase. Therefore, delivering valuable and informative content is never a waste; rather, it helps generate leads and improve customer engagement. If done correctly, blogging can provide a massive boost to your business. The best digital marketing services providers give immense importance to blogging to support digital marketing.

This article will provide the top 10 tips for digital marketers to leverage blogging.

1. Buyer’s persona

First, make your buyer’s persona your top priority while creating content. A buyer’s persona is created by studying your target group based on the market research and according to the behaviour of your existing customers. The two most important questions to ask yourself are, “Who are your ideal customers” and “Why do they need what you are offering?” It is detailed learning about their likes/dislikes, internet, demographics, goals, buying patterns, behaviour, etc. and helps understand the audience and build a roadmap of the blogs and their frequency.

2. Keep an eye on your competition

Keep an eye on what kind of content your competitors are offering. Consider it a free insight into what’s working and what isn’t. Experimenting is great, but you also get to learn a lot from competitors’ experiments. It will help you decide what type of content will help you stand out and catch your customers’ attention. Fill the gaps in your competitors’ content from what you generate.

3. Add keywords and optimise for SEO

Spend time conducting thorough keyword research before you write the blogs. Adding relevant keywords while writing adds significant value and optimises the content according to the SEO (Search engine optimisation). It helps your blogs rank higher and makes it easier for the target audience to find them when they search for the keywords. If your blog answers the queries and satisfies the customers, they may end up making a purchase from you. Refer to A Beginner’s Guide to SEO if you are a beginner. Opt for seo service from a digital marketing agency if needed.

4. Promote your blog content

Like every marketer, you would want your content to be discoverable to the masses. There are various tactics that help determine how your content will reach its target audience. First, decide where you want to promote your content. Optimising your blogs for SEO is one thing, but you also need to promote it. Two such promotional methods are Influencer marketing and automation. Leverage evolving automation technology to ease the marketing and automate the marketing processes. More and more marketers are using automation tools to enhance marketing. Furthermore, contact and collaborate with influencers whose followers match your target audience and who have a good number of social media followers.

5. Add CTA

ADD CTA at the end of the blog. CTA (Call to Action) gives the reader a further action plan after they are done reading the blog. It is a tried and tested formula to drive them to take action. If a reader reaches the end of a blog, the chances are high that the information in the blog was helpful to them. In such cases, CTA increases the chances of conversion even more.

6. Use Social Proof

As a brand, gaining trust and establishing a position in the market is vital to attracting customers. Using social proofs and testimonials is one method to do so. Visuals of social proof of happy customers and reviews help customers make faster and more informed decisions and increase the chances of conversion. Testimonials and social proof can be written content, images or videos.

7. Write guest posts

Writing and publishing blogs on popular blogs help reach a larger audience and attract more traffic to your website and social media handles. Collaborate with famous bloggers to promote your content on their channels.

8. Add internal links

Adding internal links means adding links to the different web pages or blog posts in the current blog. It enhances SEO optimisation and compels readers to stay on your site for a longer duration by providing more relevant content on similar topics and adding value to them. It also allows Google to realise that your website/blog contains content related to a specific niche, which helps Google’s ranking.

9. Paid marketing

There is no doubt that social media nowadays have a massive impact on what type of content will be visible to your target audience. There are indeed ways to reach the audience organically, but there is no denying that you will lag if you don’t opt for paid marketing. The top digital marketing agencies offer their customers pay per click services to run digital ads on various social media platforms.

10. Be consistent and analyse results:

Maintaining consistency is the ultimate key to success. Consistency helps you identify what exactly drives your target audience crazy and opens doors to learning. If you are adding value, they can’t ignore you for long. Furthermore, keep track of how your blogs are performing. Analyse the insights carefully and note down the critical points to determine the future strategies accordingly. 

To sum up, keep creating valuable and informative content regularly and add spices of marketing techniques, and you will attract an audience. A good digital marketer understands the value of good content. Blogging is a long term commitment, and it takes time before it starts giving returns. One very important point to remember is to BE AUTHENTIC and HUMANE! Authenticity and humanity go a long way. In the race to come first, don’t forget to be human. Add human value and conversational tone to your blogs.

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