Top 8 WordPress Plugins for Creating Landing Pages That Convert

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Landing pages are an essential part of a website that increases conversion rates and turns visitors into customers. They are made to grab attention and persuade visitors to take action. That action can be anything from emailing an email Id to subscribing to a newsletter to taking a survey for a discount coupon.

A successful landing page has the maximum conversion rates. The best website design companies in India use various analytical tools to get insights and keep track of what's working to generate more leads. 

WordPress plugins are a great way to create compelling landing pages and create responsive website designs that convert. Furthermore, you won't need a team of developers or technical knowledge with plugins.

That's right! With the right plugins, you can create landing pages that will convert all by yourself.

What are plugins? They are small software add-ons that allow customization on your website. Think of them as added features that enable you to get desired results.

Basic features of a good plugin!

There are a whole lot of plugins available to choose from, and it can become challenging to make a choice. Therefore, stating the four criteria that makes a plugin an intelligent choice.

1. User-friendly

It is crucial to consider, especially for those who don't have technical knowledge. You need to choose a plugin that is easy to use and understand. One has plenty of options to make additions to the pages and has options that can help if you get stuck somewhere in the future.

2. SEO-friendly

Here lies the fundamental purpose of landing pages. They are created to generate more leads and increase conversions, and therefore it becomes essential that people can find the web page for it to happen. Choose SEO-friendly plugins and have tools and features to help you optimize the landing pages.

3. Customizable

Choose plugins that allow customizations in templates and have features to make your web pages look just as you visualized. 

4. Must-have features

Your plugins must have lots of features and elements that you can add to your web pages. They must answer all your requirements and provide solutions with extensive research.

Top plugins for creating landing pages-

1. WP Forms

It is a Form landing page builder. It helps create a standalone form landing page with a high potential to convert. This plugin has a visual editor, loads of templates to choose from, and a drag and drops option to create a page exactly as you desire. Moreover, it integrates well with popular CRM tools and is SEO-friendly.

2. Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is an easy-to-use landing page builder plugin for website creators with various customizing options. The multipurpose plugin has many pre-built templates to design a beautiful and attractive landing page precisely as you desire, with an ability to create pop-ups and a drag and drop option, making it easy to use. The self-hosted plugin also has many E-commerce widgets and integration capability with various email marketing and other services.

3. Keyword

Specific keywords are used to attract visitors to the website, and this plugin allows you to do exactly that. With the 'Keyword' plugin, you can create landing pages for different users according to the keywords by connecting one keyword to one landing page. Upon searching, the page will keep adjusting its text according to the visitor's keyword and eliminate the need to create multiple landing pages, making it extremely SEO friendly. Moreover, it is compatible with Adwords and beneficial to create ads and personalized content.

4. Beaver Builder

It's one of the most popular and solid plugins out there to build a landing page with dozens of templates and a drag and drop option. Its appealing interface and incredible customer support make it even easier to use. It may not have pop-up options or A/B testing, but it can integrate with many email marketing services.

5. Lead Pages

Lead Pages plugin is straightforward to use by beginners, with hundreds of templates to choose from and easy drag and drop option which enables you to customize the landing page exactly as per your requirement. The templates in this plugin are highly responsive and good to go on any device. It also has a built-in SEO service and includes a guide to increase engagement on the page.

6. Insta Builder

It's a pretty affordable option with multiple templates. It allows you creative freedom and enables the creation of convertible landing pages with the ability to include media and delayed button options. Users can add social media sharing and comments options for the ultimate marketing and conversion and make it a good choice. This plugin is exceptionally great while trying to capture social media and create a buzz around your offer.

7. The Divi Builder

The Divi Builder is a refined WordPress plugin that allows the creation of a responsive and well-balanced landing page. It has various themes and works smoothly with beginners, enabling them to make multiple customizations by adding media, tables, social media, and call-to-action buttons. Furthermore, you get various email marketing options and contact forms. All these elements make it appealing and highly SEO friendly.

8. Seed Pod

Seed Pod is one of the best WordPress landing page builders. It has an incredible collection of templates and can be used to build all kinds of landing pages. It has various customization options and allows it to include multiple pages like newsletters, webinars, sales, thank you pages, and many more. Its drag and drop option makes it easy for users to use, replace sample content with their own and get comfortable with the plugin. Additionally, the Seed Pod plugin gives you access to over 2 million stock photos to use.

The WordPress plugin proves to be of great help for website creation while designing landing pages and makes powerful dynamic website design. We highlighted the 'drag and drop' option again and again in all the WordPress plugins because it is one of the essential features that make them user-friendly for users who don't know how to code or have technical knowledge. The top 10 website development companies in India use various plugins to give their clients the desired satisfaction.

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