What are Display Ads?


Advertising is a crucial part of marketing. Without it, we wouldn't know what the brands have to offer. Its purpose is to communicate with the customers and inform them about what is available in the market. We might not have realized how often we come across different advertisements whenever we indulge in activities online. Some popular types of online advertising are native advertising, mobile advertising, social ads and display advertising. In this article, we will focus on display ads.

What are display ads?

Display ads are visual media made of text, images, videos and GIFs with an embedded hyperlink and are one of the most common and effective forms of digital advertising. You can spot them on third-party websites or social media pages. Anything from banners (text or image), videos or images can make display ads. A good campaign uses a combination of text and visuals to form attractive ads to catch the target audience's attention. The top digital marketing agencies can provide display ads as pay per click services.

Display advertising has the ability to target just the right audience, and therefore, knowing who you want to show the ads to is extremely important. However, without being distracted from our topic, let's first understand the types of display ads and how to get the most out of them.

Types of display ads:

Banner Ads: As the name suggests, banner ads are strips of visuals usually placed at the top of a web page to immediately draw visitors' attention. It is one of the oldest and the most common forms of display ads. They stand out on any web page due to their excellent positioning and have an embedded hyperlink to direct people (who clicks on it) to the targeted web page.

Interstitial Ads: Interstitial Ads are complete web pages that appear before customers before they are directed to the web pages they wish to visit. Therefore, they take up the entire screen space and cannot escape the attention. They are so effective because the customer has complete attention on the screen after clicking on a link and is left with no choice but to give a few seconds to the ad.

Rich Media: Rich media is a new form of display ads. The old forms have become too common, and therefore to find something new to catch user attention, marketers have come up with the idea of interactive ads. These ads contain clickable media that customers can engage with and have an experience of the product. For example, an ad for a mobile game can allow customers to play it for a few seconds via an ad.

Video Ads: The videos are a great way of engaging with customers, and the social media platforms have made it possible for marketers to do so. It allows the brand to connect emotionally and can leave a lasting impact.

Tips to get the most out of display ads!

Carefully target your display ads: Target audience of your display ads is the most important aspect, as there is no point in serving the ads to the people who don't care about what you have to offer. Some ways to target the right audience are:

- Keywords: Your ads will be displayed on the web pages with the keywords you define.

- Decide placement: You can decide the websites/web pages on which you wish to display ads. It requires extensive research and the preference of your target audience.

- Interest-based ads: Google has numerous data on its users and their activities. Therefore, you can choose to show your ad to the people based on what they search.

Make them creative: Creating ads that can compel the viewers to click on them is not everyone's cup of tea. The ad copy needs to be catchy and easy to connect. The focus of one ad should particularly be on the aspect, for example, on a festival discount with a call to action. The image should be clear and as per the subject.

Simplicity: Simplicity is the key. A creative ad does not mean you need to overdo it or make it extraordinary. Keep it simple! Sometimes being ordinary in the world of extraordinary can make you stand out.

Make It Relevant: The ad should not divert the visitor's attention and must be relevant to the topic. It can either be brand-centric or product-centric, but it should be to the point and must be clearly communicated to the audience.

Include High-Quality Images: Every image used in the display ads must be high quality. The high-quality images build a positive impression of the brand and in a step towards establishing trust. The colour scheme of the image should complement the camping and the brand.

How would you know if your display ads are working?

Reach: Reach metric tells you the number of times the people actually saw your ad. It means the people who spent at least a few seconds on it. You can monitor and optimise your reach as it would be fruitless to show the same ad to the same person or the people who are not interested in it.

Impressions: The number of impressions means the number of times it appeared to people. The number doesn't define the number of people who saw it but the times it served. One ad may appear multiple times to one person. More impressions mean that your content is reaching a wider audience.

Click-through rates: The click-through rates are the number of people who clicked on the ad. It is measured against the total number of impressions. For example: if the number of impressions is 1000 and the number of times people click on the ad is 15, the click-through rate will be 1.5%. Many agencies provide pay per click management services.

Conversion rate: The conversion rate in the next step after click-through rates. It is the number of people who take the desired action after clicking on the display ad.

If the number of impressions is too high compared to the other metrics, it's a signal that something isn't working. It could be the selection of the target audience or the ineffectiveness of the ads.

Display ads are a crucial component of a marketing campaign and are becoming more popular. The display ads are most effective when paired with the other marketing initiatives. Many digital marketing and seo agencies provide paid marketing.

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