What is digital marketing?


Any marketing that is related and is working with automated devices and can be used by marketing experts to communicate a promotional message and through your customer journey, measure its impact. There are many agencies in the market that have been providing digital marketing services of all sorts which includes content writing, content marketing, graphic designing, social media management etc. 

Infact, marketing campaigns that come up on a mobile, tablet, computer or other devices. It can take many forms, which includes social media posts, paid social ads, search engine marketing, display ads and online video. 

Digital Marketing is frequently linked to “traditional marketing” before-mentioned as direct mail, billboards, and magazine ads. Inexplicably, television is normally lumped in with traditional marketing.

What is digital marketing?

1. Digital marketing definition

2. B2B versus B2C Digital Marketing

3. Attributes of Digital Marketing

        A. Search Engine Optimization

        B. Content Marketing

        C. Social Media Marketing

        D. Pay-per-click marketing

        E. Affiliate marketing

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